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Jess Undecided originates from a whole lot of soul-searching the last couple years to find what I'm truly about, but what I've found is that you don't have to decide on just one thing to define who you are - you can be undecided

Can't wait for you all to start to explore all of my undecided loves - enjoy your stay!

NUTRITION // Introducing ... the NÄRING Collective

NUTRITION // Introducing ... the NÄRING Collective

Welcome to the NÄRING Collective

Hi everyone. We are both very excited to announce our new project called the

NÄRING Collective. This project is a platform to communicate the inclusive nutrition project.


Inclusive Nutrition Project

Inclusive nutrition means accepting all ways of thinking and living what “healthy nutrition” means to you.

It is nutrition without judgement and the idea that health through food can be achieved by all.


What to Expect

The NÄRING Collective (TNC) hopes to capture the views of different voices in the nutrition and food world all over Canada + beyond.

This platform will inspire people through sharing the diverse stories of others to live the food and nutrition life that works for them.

Stay tuned for interviews with your favourite Toronto chefs and nutrition and food heroes, menu reviews of some healthy-"ish" restaurants in the city, recipe videos, podcasts, and more!

If you didn’t get a chance to catch our video… here's a recap ...

Get to know us WHITEBOARD GAME outcomes

Favourite Food

Jess: Italian or Japanese

Cass: Vietnamese

Favourite Toronto Restaurant

Jess: Terroni

Cass: Golden Turtle

Favourite Guilty Pleasure

Jess: Haribo Gummies, Matcha

Cass: Mayo

Nutrition and Food Hero

Jess: McKel Hill

Cass: Joshna Maharaj

A recap of why we wanted to create TNC…

For me:

I've been looking for an outlet to share my passion for nutrition and couldn’t

think of a better partner to team up with than Cass who I admire so much for her

dedication to healthy living and education. When I was younger, my siblings and I had many

allergies and taste preferences. The diversity of views and

preferences people had surrounding food and nutrition always amazed me.

I also participated in varsity sports (Tennis) during university, which made me even more aware

and critical of what I was feeding myself. However, the more I chatted with

different athletes and coaches, the more I learned that there wasn’t just one way

to “eat healthy” and that there was a lot of negative criticism when it came to

opposing views. I realized that there was a need to open everyone’s mind to

accept and understand differing views on diets, food, nutrition, food habits etc.


Through school and casual hangouts with Jess, Cass came to realize that they

shared the same view on food and health. She’s admired all of Jess’ work, her work

ethic. Upon starting her own nutrition consulting business, it was clear that now

was a great time to creatively explore that with Jess. Cass began dieting in high

school because of insecurity and poor self-image. And this began a warped

relationship with food and subsequent health issues. When she found a lifestyle and

perspective that started to work for her, it became clear that our healthiest self isn’t

achieved by prescribing to someone else’s way of life or opinions. So she found

something that works for her but more importantly, she would love to inspire you to

do the same. Rather than just copying someone else’s journey, she wants to

empower you to find your own.

TRAVEL // Cuba Travel VLOG

TRAVEL // Cuba Travel VLOG

TRAVEL // Santa Maria, Cuba

TRAVEL // Santa Maria, Cuba