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Jess Undecided originates from a whole lot of soul-searching the last couple years to find what I'm truly about, but what I've found is that you don't have to decide on just one thing to define who you are - you can be undecided

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CAFFEINE OASIS // Sorry Cafe Co.

CAFFEINE OASIS // Sorry Cafe Co.

Place: Sorry Cafe Co. 

Location: 102 Bloor Street W, Toronto ON, M5S 1M8









So I think it's about time I start sharing with you all my favourite coffee spots since coffee is such a huge part of my life! 

I drink at least two cups of coffee a day, my favourite being a soy flat white, of course. 

One of my favourite spots to grab one of these favourite beverages is SORRY COFFEE CO at the heart of Bloor-Yorkville & attached to one of my favourite shops Kit & Ace. 

Their minimal, simple menu matches their beautiful minimal clean interior decor. Their light fixtures are by far one of my favourites in the city. On top of that, they have the friendliest staff who make the most delicious coffees!

OH, but make sure that you have your debit or credit card on you because they are a CASHLESS store!! 

Please check them out and would love to hear your thoughts.

Hope to see some of you there soon!



    FIND YOUR QUENCH // Thirsty Buddha

    FIND YOUR QUENCH // Thirsty Buddha

    PARTY IN THE BACK // Dawn Levy

    PARTY IN THE BACK // Dawn Levy