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So if you've been following me on Instagram that you might have been already bombarded by my super excited posts about my trip to Italy on FRIDAY!!!

I decided to put together a list of my travel essentials because I am trying to pack light ... so I can bring a lot back :p

From top left to right: 

1) Vintage Levi Cutoffs (Here) // 

Whenever I go traveling, I usually dress pretty basic & casual (as per usual though eh!). Nothing screams basic & casual like a classic pair of vintage cutoffs. I found this pair in Halifax last year and have yet to find a comparable pair! Finding a good pair of vintage denim is definitely a journey that takes patience and perseverance, but I promise I'll round up a list of shops to start off your hunt when I'm back! I'm looking forward to wearing these with my Birkenstocks and sneakers while I'm gone.

2) Pendant Necklaces (Lisbeth Jewelry) & Choker (Zara//

I never travel anywhere without a few of my favourite accessories - these minimal pendants will bring me from day to night while this choker (which I barely take off anymore!) will give any of my outfits that trendy 90s vibe. 

3) Aesop (Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser) (Rind Concentrate Body Balm) // 

Traveling anywhere, especially when it involves an 8 hour flight, makes my skin super dry and dull. I've tried a bunch of different products, but recently my friend has introduced me to these two from Aesop. I love the smell, I love what it does for my skin and I LOVE how cute these travel sized bottles are! Definitely give these a try next time you're travelling!

4) T-Shirt Dress (Tessa Hughes) // 

You know I love my T-shirts, but in order to travel light I found the PERFECT T-SHIRT DRESS! So I can wear it as a shirt or a dress and save a bunch of room! Tessa Hughes, an amazing Canadian Designer has mastered the oversized shape perfect for every shape and has found the most comfortable and durable fabric I've seen in a while. OH! and P.S. You can get 15% off your order when you use the code: 


5) Sunglasses (Ray-Ban) // 

I'm always wearing sunglasses when I'm in Toronto, but here I have the luxury of having access to a wide range. Travelling light means I have to pick ONE PAIR! My gosh, being indecisive is not fun, but I chose my Ray-Ban leather rounds because they are light and have trusted UVA/UVB protection. 

6) Sunscreen (Neutrogena) //

Travelling to a sunny hot place like Italy means that you will be exposed to a lot of UV rays - perhaps even more than here in Toronto (depending on which papers you read!)  Either way, no matter where you are, I am a big believer of protecting your skin. After trying a bunch of different brands, NEUTROGENA is definitely the most economical, comfortable, and effective. It leaves my skin feeling like I haven no sunscreen on, which is ideal since we all know how sunscreen can leave you sticky and feelin' icky!

7) Water Bottle (memobottle//

I'm travelling on a budget and one of the ways I plan to do that is by limiting the amount of drinks I purchase (besides wine guys, don't worry, I'm trying as many wineries as I can while I'm there!). I mean during those long walks throughout the day to get to all the sites. Staying hydrated won't only prevent heat stroke, but also keep my skin moisturized and further protect from sun damage. I discovered the memobottle on Instagram and knew that it would be such a great addition to my travelling pack. I chose the A5, which holds 750 ml and the flat shape will give me so much extra room in my bag!

8) BB Cream + 50 SPF (Georgio Armani Luminessence) //

Similar to the Neutrogena sunscreen, this BB cream will be what I use for my face. Since I know that even with SPF 50 + , I will definitely be getting some color over the next two weeks, I did not want to bring a foundation with me. I did some research and found out that GEORGIO ARMANI had one of the highest reviewed BB Creams around. It provides this amazing luminous glow, just enough coverage (very light, but thats all I usual wear anyways), AND it has SPF 50/PA ++++!! Definitely my new travel bestie!

9) Phone Lens (Olloclip Lens) // 

Last but not least - I have to have my phone lens! (Hey, I'm a blogger!!) Although I'm bringing my love, Canon 6D with a new 17-40 mm f/4 L lens (which I cannot wait to shoot with!!), there may be times on the trip where I don't want to carry it around the city. So this lens will do the trick when I decide I want to give my back a break :)


I hope my list can help you pack a little more efficiently next time you head on an adventure! 

Chat soon lovelies.


PANT SUIT-ING // Pastel Edition

PANT SUIT-ING // Pastel Edition

CITY NAUTICAL // Transitional Style

CITY NAUTICAL // Transitional Style