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SCREEN TIME // What's too much?

SCREEN TIME // What's too much?

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Lately, I've really noticed my eye sight faltering and I really think that its because of my recent increase in time in front of the screen. 

Now that I am spending more time on the blog, about 90% of my waking hours consist of screen time. Unfortunately, this has led to an increase in headaches, dry eyes and a bit of blurry vision. 

So I am currently on the hunt for some awesome moisturizing eyedrops and those fancy screen glasses! But this has also led me to ponder about "how much is TOO much?"

After reading several papers and scouring the internet for an answer, unfortunately there is not a set guideline in Canada. Most of the studies are associated with children and teenagers because there have been links with obesity, and other chronic diseases. (FYI: if you do have children, the CANADIAN GUIDELINES recommend less than 2 hours). 

I understand that many jobs now require staring at a screen all day - accounting for well over 8 hours of screen time a day - so how do we solve this? 

I've rounded up a list of tips and tricks to help relieve your eyes from some stress:

1) Shut your eyes for 30 seconds every 30 minutes. This will help your eyes rehydrate.

2) Look far away for a couple seconds. If you are by a window, looking outside to the farthest horizon works best for me.

3) Eyedrops about 2-3 times a day. 

4) Invest in screen filters or computer glasses. There are some glasses that are specialized to filter out the artificial blue light that can cause digital eye strain. 

CAFÉ SERIES // 1903, a Harley-Davidson Café

CAFÉ SERIES // 1903, a Harley-Davidson Café