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Jess Undecided originates from a whole lot of soul-searching the last couple years to find what I'm truly about, but what I've found is that you don't have to decide on just one thing to define who you are - you can be undecided

Can't wait for you all to start to explore all of my undecided loves - enjoy your stay!

SUMMER OUTFITS // Girly Tomboy

SUMMER OUTFITS // Girly Tomboy

Romper - ZARA | Sandals - BIRKENSTOCK | Necklaces - LISBETH 

It took me a long time to be completely comfortable with being a tomboy. I used to think there was something wrong with me because I thought I was supposed to love wearing dresses, playing with makeup + adorning my life with pretty pastel colours. 

I mean, there are loads of anecdotes I could tell you that would make you laugh at how long it took me to accept my tomboy ways...

1) when my mom tried to bring me to ballet class when I was little, I cried my eyes out because I didn't want to wear a tutu!

2) as a 10 year old I convinced my parents I should get my hair cut just like my brothers

3) instead of playing with Barbies, I played gameboy... Pokemon Go all the way baby !

Anyways, I've learnt that the best way to stay true to my tomboy self, but still play with the trends is in how you accessorize. 

Like this outfit here - I absolutely love this white number that looks like a cute dress, but gets so much better because it's actually a romper (perfect for a tomboy like me who isn't the best at sitting still :p)

I chose these perfect suede Birkenstock in the classic Arizona style to dress down + toughen up this cute/girly number.

The most consistent part of my closet has to be my shoe collection. My shoes are a huge part of how I can keep my tomboy style + still dabble in some of the more girly trends. My favourite go-to's are my Arizona Birkenstock, Converse, black ankle booties + my Axel Arigato low-tops.  


SUMMER OUTFITS // Travel Edition

SUMMER OUTFITS // Travel Edition

SUMMER OUTFITS // Shirt Dresses

SUMMER OUTFITS // Shirt Dresses