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"Caesar the drink, not the salad"...

If you're a fellow Caesar drinker like me, then you're probably familiar with this automated response by now.

There is something about this salty/sour drink that has got me falling head over heels for Clamato Juice + spicy beans every summer ... And just about every other time of the year... But we're talking summer drinks right now. 

Confession time: last summer, between my boyfriend and I, we went through a Costco party sized Clamato Juice pack each week + I personally (because the BF does not share in my obsession with spicy beans) needed a new jar of Extreme Beans every couple weeks :p (PS. I'm obsessed with all things pickled...maybe except for pickled eggs).  So yes, I LOVE CAESARS. 

However, the Caesar and I were not always best friends. I remember when my cousin initially introduced me to this infamous Canadian drink. I can remember so clearly that it was @ the Elephant & Castle on King St W and it was the first time us cousins had met up for a drink. I had no idea what to order because back then my drink repertoire consisted of Smirnoff Ice (yes, I liked those for a while) + beer. Anyways, one of my cousins suggested I try a Caesar + I of course agreed since who was I to argue with my older + much cooler cousin? When this classic red drink arrived to the table, I immediately thought to myself, "What have I gotten myself into?!"... Long story short, I was NOT a fan and proceeded to avoid Caesars for a whole year. Sadly, I cannot remember when it was I tried and fell in love with the Caesar again, but let's just say the relationship is currently and will forever more be going strong. 

Now, I know this drink isn't for everyone, and I'm sending out a public apology to all my friends that I've tried to bring over to the red fishy side! I understand that the ingredient list alone can turn one away, but if you're willing, please give my recipe a try + if your tastebuds are like mine, then you'll be in for a treat!

So here's the Caesar recipe I've finally perfected throughout the years so I hope you all enjoy it just as much as I do too.  



Caesar Salt




Worcestershire Sauce

Spicy Beans


1. Rim cup with lime + dip in caesar salt

2. Put about 4-5 pieces of ice into cup

3. 1-2 shots of Vodka

4. 6-7 drops of Tabasco Sauce + 1-2 Worcestershire Sauce

5. Fill with Clamato Juice

6. Stir with Spicy Beans + Enjoy!!!!








SUMMER OUTFITS // Light-weight Bomber

SUMMER OUTFITS // Light-weight Bomber