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SUMMER EVENTS // Le Dîner en Blanc® x Nordstrom

SUMMER EVENTS // Le Dîner en Blanc® x Nordstrom

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, then you saw me sporting an outfit a tad more fancy than usual, and now I'm going to explain why!

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Le Dîner en Blanc® thanks to Nordstrom TO!

What is Diner En Blanc? 

Well, about 30 years ago, François Pasquier and his friends launched this all white dinner event (and I mean ALL white - from the chairs, tables, to the outfits). It is what they like to call a "chic picnic" involving lots of delicious food and friends in a secret location that is only revealed last minute! Le Dîner en Blanc celebrates the elegance and glamor of high French society where all of us as guests got to experience something magical in our city we call home. 

A peek into my mind:

Truth - I was so nervous for this event! Mostly because I had no idea what to expect and what to wear since we didn't know where we were going to be going!

I kid you not when I say I probably went shopping every spare second I had / bought about 4 outfits. I ended up going with pieces I already owned, which made me so happy because it meant I can return it all the new pieces! (Since I'll be needing some new even fancier outfits for some galas coming next month!) 

I chose this outfit because since I didn't know exactly how "fancy" the dress code was, this was a good in between. It was fancier than some of the other white outfits I had, but wasn't exactly a wedding gown :p I also liked that it was two pieces because it meant I had more control to put my own personality into to mix - hence the feminine shaped skirt paired with an oversized more masculine top. 

Also, if you know me then you know that I cannot do my own hair (cue the miniature violin playing the sad song) + thanks to my lovely friends at Toni + Guy Yorkville, I was able to get those dreamy beachy waves I dream about everyday. Plus, if you look real close, there are two of the cutest little braids mixed in there too. 

We met at Eaton Centre where a bunch of influencers / media folk / Nordstrom peeps gathered + waited for the bus that would take us to the still secret location. On the bus we passed through the city, passing other meeting locations with seas of white-clad Torontonians that made us think we were at the location about every 5 minutes. 

When we finally got there we saw long white tables awaiting us adorned with beautiful flowers + the most amazing birdcage cascading with the prettiest white flowers. Obviously being us, we all flocked to this setup immediately and lined up for our photo-ops - we were excited ok? But seriously, having to pose in front of all those people got me extremely nervous. I've gotten used to taking photos in public spaces, but normally people walk past you after staring for a maximum of 3 seconds, but this was for the full extent of time you were in a birdcage! Plus, these weren't regular folks, but the influencers that I look up to and admire.

Dinner came just in time, since some of us decided we couldn't pass up the red wine even though we were in all white! The food was delicious + prepared by the Food Dudes. My favourite were these delicious Brussels sprouts + crispy Parmesan fries!

We even got our own sparklers to end the night off with a bang + sashay into the major dance party. Even though I left early from, looked like a hell of a fun time on Snapchat + InstaStories ! 

Overall, this was an amazing experience + I would love to go again. I'll keep you all posted for the one next year + maybe we can all enjoy together!

Top -  ARITZIA  | Skirt -  J.CREW  | Shoes -  ALDO  | Sunglasses -  SUNDAY SOMEWHERE  (From  HOLLY EYEWEAR )

Top - ARITZIA | Skirt - J.CREW | Shoes - ALDO | Sunglasses - SUNDAY SOMEWHERE (From HOLLY EYEWEAR)

BREAKFAST RECIPES // The Fluffiest of Pancakes

BREAKFAST RECIPES // The Fluffiest of Pancakes

TRANSITION OUTFITS // Jumping the gun on Fall '16

TRANSITION OUTFITS // Jumping the gun on Fall '16