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SHOPPING // His + Hers Gift Guide Edit I

SHOPPING // His + Hers Gift Guide Edit I

Watch - Daniel Wellington  (get 15% off using code: JESSUNDECIDED)

Hi lovelies! 

Can you believe we are already halfway through January? 

That means that 2 potential gift-giving holidays are coming up!

Chinese New Year + Valentine's Day

When I was younger, my family used to make a bigger deal about Chinese New year, but as we grew up + my siblings and I moved away for school it became harder to get everyone in the same place such a busy time! This year I'm trying to make a conscious effort to celebrate with my family so I've got to get preparing since it lands on January 28 this year. Gift-giving is a big part of celebrating CNY. Most people are familiar with the tradition of giving Red Pockets, but we also give other types of gifts too! 

And of course everyone's favorite ... or for some, least favorite day - VALENTINE'S DAY! So many people have love/hate relationships with this holiday, but I mean the gift-giving part is such a bonus no?! I am such a gift-lover :p I love giving gifts even more than I love receiving them. 

The gift of a watch is so special because a watch is something we wear everyday + has always been something people cherish forever. Giving a watch to someone says that you value their friendship/love + that you want them to be in your life forever. There was this movie where this woman gave her significant other an engraved Rolex, and it has always stuck in my mind as something I want to do for my man one day! (PS. if anyone knows this movie - please LET ME KNOW!)

The watch above is by one of my favorite watch brands DANIEL WELLINGTON. I especially love this style because it is different than a lot of the watches you see today. This St. Mawes style has the most beautiful blue watch hands + gorgeous roman numeral details. I also got this for my man for Christmas + he has never loved a watch so much - he is SO picky too! So if your significant other is like mine, this is the brand to go with! They have an amazing selection + amazing quality. 

PLUS - if you order using the code JESSUNDECIDED, you will get 15% off your whole order!! 

Happy shopping beauties :)





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