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STYLE // HOW TO: Clean your denim

STYLE // HOW TO: Clean your denim

Time and time again I am asked by my friends and all you amazing readers how I take care of my jeans. Depending on who you ask, you will get a different answer! 

Besides my shoes, the item in my closet that I invest most in are my denim pants so of course I want to take care of them the best I can. 

I've rounded up the best tips + tricks for you all !


After many wears, inevitably your denim starts to develop a little bit of a stench... which actually comes from your dead skin cells sloughing off from your legs each time you put them on/off. Bacteria in those cells start to develop an odour after a while and so what are we supposed to do?! 

Well, denim experts constantly tell you that you shouldn't be washing your denim that much ... if at all. Washing them too much will ruin their shape + colour.

So what are we supposed to do to avoid the stink?

Solution: Stick 'em in the Freezer!

Put them in a canvas bag (so they don't intermix with the other items in your freezer, but can still allow oxygen in) and leave them overnight to kill the bacteria :) They will be nice and fresh in the morning for ya!


Accidents are inevitable! Especially for a klutz like me ... so the freezer trick only works in so many situations. 

What happens when you spill tomato sauce from your favourite pasta dish or step into some puddles on a dreary winter day??

Solution: Clean the stain with a toothbrush or rag 

Using denim friendly detergent and a soft toothbrush or a rag you can clean those smaller spots versus throwing the whole pair in the laundry machine. This will prevent ruining your favourite pair of jeans.


Finally, sometimes you MIGHT just need/want to do a full clean to give your jeans a full fresh start. I don't recommend doing it, but if you must - try to limit it to once every 10 wears.

When you do put your jeans through a full washing cycle, make sure to: 

1. Flip them inside-out

2. Use denim friendly detergent + make sure to use less because the concentrated detergent will increase colour loss

3. Wash in cold water

4. Lay flat to air dry


I hope these tips help you keep your favourite pairs for as long as possible! :)

Chat soon. 




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