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BEAUTY // HOW TO: Get Glowing Skin This Valentine's Day

BEAUTY // HOW TO: Get Glowing Skin This Valentine's Day


Well lovelies, 

We are one day away! Which means we still have time to prep our bodies for that special date, whether it be a romantic one with your significant other or a fun Galentine's Day with your besties - we all want want our skin to glow right? Especially in this harsh winter weather ... (which I hope goes away ASAP!)

As many of you might know, I suffer from dry skin + eczema that comes and goes depending on my diet and environmental conditions. A couple weeks ago I picked up a DERMASURI Deep Exfoliating Mitt that I've heard so much about to see if it would work on skin as sensitive as mine! And YES, this is that infamous mitt that you've probably seen in Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, Women's Health and all those other addicting magazines. 

So was it worth all that buzz? 

My answer is ....


Why? Well, even though exfoliating seems counter productive on dry/sensitive skin, it actually helps your skin cells become healthier + hold moisture better. When you remove the top layers of dead skin cells, it prompts your body to make new/healthy ones more regularly. Although all surface skin cells are "dead" the longer they stay on your body, the less moisture they can retain. Neat-o no? Anyways, by using this mitt once or twice a week (don't over do it, because your skin will get irritated like anything in life if you bug it too much :p) my skin has become much softer, less dull-looking, and has helped me with those little ingrown hairs that result from the occasional shaving incident. PLUS, ... even though I haven't used it long enough yet, using this mitt has been shown to reduce collagen and helps keep your skin looking young ! Oh ya, the DERMASURI mitt is also only $29.99 !! 

So after my skin is all prepped and glowing - obviously I have to make sure the whole canvas is "sans-hair" :p. 

As a young teen, I remember asking my mom to buy me shavers from the drug store because all my friends were shaving their legs and it was just SO cool. 

Sadly, my mom had other plans for my hairy legs. She told me how I should WAX my legs, instead of shaving because especially with my black asian hair, shaving will cause my hair follicles to get darker and larger over time. She advised me that if I start waxing from a young age, I could also convince some of my hairs not to grow back! She had me hooked there - but I was still TERRIFIED about how much it would hurt. Thankfully, my mom, being the calming beauty guru that she is, knew the solution to my troubles. She recommended that I invest in a good wax, because the better the wax, the better it grabs a hold of the hair + less of a chance it irritates your skin. 

I've gone through a bunch of wax brands in my time, but when I recently discovered the CLEAN + EASY SENSITIVE MICROWAVE KIT FOR FACE + BODY from Trade Secrets I was so happy. It's been a while since I've been able to achieve salon-like results at home because the brand I used to use had either become discontinued, or no longer available in Toronto... bummer right?! 

Anyways, I was so impressed by this kit. It comes with everything you will ever need (other than a microwave... which I guess I can be okay with :p). I've never used a cleansing solution before a wax before, but it makes such a difference. It allows the wax to go on your skin/hair much smoother and come off evenly. As for a removing solution + soothing solution, I used to use baby oil, but now I have been converted! The soothing solution leaves your legs feeling so nice after. Plus the restore solution smells so delicious and fresh. This kit will make you feel like you've just walked out of your favorite waxing bar, but better because you'll be in the comfort of your home + save so much money since this CLEAN + EASY WAX KIT is only $44.95! 

After these 2 routine steps, your skin will be as happy as you will be on February 14! Plus, you can repeat these steps for months to come and get your skin ready for those warmer days when more of your skin can come out to play!!


1) DERMASURI EXFOLIATING MITT , once or twice a week!

2) CLEAN + EASY WAX KIT , however often as necessary!


Super happy + glowing skin <3

I got both these items at my local Trade Secrets Store - which I try to visit every couple weeks because they can surprise you with such great promos!

RIGHT NOW - they are running their winter promo where you can get some of your FAVORITE PRODUCTS up to 50% off!! All you have to do is check out your local store for more details :) 

Happy Valentine's Day beauties!! I hope you all have a wonderful day with your loved ones :) 

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