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RECIPES // National Caesar Day - HOW TO: Make the Perfect Tequila Caesar

RECIPES // National Caesar Day - HOW TO: Make the Perfect Tequila Caesar

Happy National Caesar Day lovelies!

If you remember last year, I posted a recipe to make my favorite Caesar to celebrate this joyous day. Because I absolutely love Caesar Drinks!! I'm kidding you not!

People generally love or hate this salty red drink - there really isn't an in between, but hey, if you're a "meh-loving" Caesar kind of person, please let me know !! 

Anyways, I love this drink because it reminds me so much of summer, camping and cottage season. That doesn't mean I don't have Clamato juice in my fridge year round, but it is just so closely tied to those fond memories for me. 

Plus, I love how everyone has a different way of making this drink. Whether you add horse radish, celery, extreme beans, bacon, lobster tail, French's hot sauce or Tobasco - the list can go on!

I thought I'd share my other favorite way of making this oh-so Canadiana drink featuring Mr. Patron.


Ingredients: In a 16 oz mason jar

- Rim mason jar with lime juice

- Roll rim of jar into Caesar Salt (my favorite is from Club House)

- 4-5 ice cubes (I like mine extra cold)

- 1.5-2oz of Silver Patron

- 10 drops of Tobasco Sauce (yes, I like it spicy :p)

- 2 drops or Worcestershire sauce

- Spicy Clamato Juice

-  2 (or 3 ... or a half jar in my case lol) of Extreme Beans, which you can use to mix the drink afterwards!


Today's going to be another hot one, so it'll be perfect for enjoying this delicious beverage on your porch or balcony :)

Feel free to comment below with YOUR favorite Caesar Drink Recipes !


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