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BEAUTY // HOW TO: Grow healthy hair

BEAUTY // HOW TO: Grow healthy hair

Hey loves,

If you've been following me a while, then you know I've had my hair pretty short for most of the time I've been blogging. What you might not have known is that prior to starting my blog, I had hair almost down to my belly button! 

I fell in love with short hair once I made the plunge, but over the years I've been hmm-ing and haaa-ing about growing it out again. However, I get bored easily and I kept chopping it off every couple months. I'm finally at the stage where I have committed to growing my hair out again. Wahoo!

The struggle however is keeping it healthy while it grows out. My hair grows quickly, but it tends to hit a lull every couple months. I've been trying different products to keep it feeling and looking healthy even though I haven't gone to a salon in over 6 months!

About a month ago I ordered Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil from the hair goddess herself Negin Mersalehi. I ended up ordering it from Urban Outfitters because living in Canada, it allowed me to know exactly how much tax & duties would be charged.

So after a month of trying out this product, this is what I love most about it.


(This product has the most beautiful texture that goes on so gracefully on your hair. The bottle has a pipette lid and you only need a couple drops to massage into your hair. I apply it after my hair is dried (though you can do it on damp hair too). The reason I put it on after my hair is dried is because the oil acts as a sealant for my split ends. It smooths out any frizz and leaves my hair super lustrous & soft to the touch.)


(This product smells like a fresh flower field, which makes sense as it is infused with Mirsalehi's family honey! I feel like I don't even need to wear perfume because this product leaves a subtle scent in your hair that I don't ever want to coverup.) 


(I'm not going to lie about the packaging being the #1 reason why I wanted this product so badly. I just love the luxurious glass bottle with the gold pipette top inside the beautiful floral book like box. It's a content creator's dream ... well mine anyways :p)


(It's not just the packaging, the smell, and the texture that have me excited about Gisou. This product actually works! I've seen a change in the texture of my own hair. Being asian, my hair is stick straight and pretty "hard" - meaning that it doesn't do the pretty tousled look that I've always envied on girls who have naturally beachy waves. After using Gisou's hair oil, even without using heat tools to curl my hair, the hair oil lets me achieve that tousled look by just running my fingers through my hair to add volume. Plus, it naturally leaves my hair super soft & shiny too.)

One thing that I'm not the biggest fan about ...


(I get it, it's honey infused... and the packaging is pretty... and anything that promises to get my hair looking like Negin's is something I'll try... BUT at $104 CAD ... I am not 100% sold if its worth it. I get a similar result from OUAI's hair oil which is a fraction of the price. However, it should be noted that I use several DROPS of Gisou vs. double that of OUAI because it's dispensing mechanism spews out a lot more. So in the end, I do think that Gisou will last me much longer than my bottle of OUAI. 

*I will report back with how long it takes to get through a bottle of this magic oil*)


All-in-all I do love this product. Many of you have messaged me asking what I think and if I think it is worth the investment.

As UNDECIDED as I usually am ... I would say YES.

I get that this product has a hefty price tag, but it will last you a long long time and the benefits outway the cost. PLUS, there are so many ways you can use it too. I've only used it as a finishing oil, but people use it as an overnight hair mask, an addition to an existing hair mask, pre-styling serum, and the list goes on. 

I'd say go for it and give this product a try, or ask for it for a holiday gift ?? :p 

Let me know if YOU'VE tried it and what you beauties think! 

Chat soon.





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