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If you caught my IG Stories on NATIONAL SIBLING DAY then you know that I am the eldest of 3! There's me, my brother Vincent, and my youngest sister Rica. So when it comes to any day dedicated to celebrating my parents, I like to take advantage of it.

And it so happens that the next one on the calendar is MOTHER'S DAY!

I'm so thankful to come from such warm and loving parents who taught my siblings and I patience, compassion, how to be truly happy, and enjoy your life + surroundings. 

In celebration for MOTHER'S DAY I thought I'd write a digital love note to the most special lady in my life :) So here it goes ...

My dearest mama, 

I know you will probably be the first, if not second person reading this - depending who reads our family group chat first (you or dad :p), and I love you SO MUCH for being my number one fan + forever being my standing pillar of support on my journey of freelancing and blogging. 

You are my inspiration everyday for following my dreams, and spreading positivity from inside outwards into the world. People always comment on how I'm always smiling and seeming truly happy in whatever situation I'm in - and that's all thanks to you. You have taught me to find the positivity in everything, and for that I will always be thankful. 

Thank you for being my numero uno photographer (besides Dad + Travis, who have now both joined our entourage). You have stuck with me since the beginning and froze your fingers and nose off during the harsh winter weather just to get that perfect shot that we have envisioned for my site + Instagram. Even when I feel uninspired, you have a way of getting me back in it and inspiring me with new ideas and reminding me why I love my job so much. 

Also, I'm sorry that we (us siblings) might giggle at your out-of-the-box beauty rituals, but you are forever my beauty guru! You've inspired me to transition into a world of beauty blogging that I would have never thought I would adventure into. But with your guidance and knowledge, I'm excited to start finding out more about what works for my sensitive skin, and find makeup products that work for me, even with my asian eyes + skin! And I'm seriously missing living at home because I can no longer raid your beauty cabinet - which is always stalked with new luxurious items that I have no idea WHERE you find, but always want to try! 

When I'm finally a mom, I only hope to be able to build a family as strongly bonded and as warm + loving as you have made. I am constantly in awe of how you were able to foster such a loving environment with us crazy kids driving you nuts every second - from each of us wanting to eat different things, play different sports/instruments, and go to different schools around the city! I will never be able to thank you enough, but hopefully can try to show you each and everyday. 

Thank you for making me feel like the luckiest daughter in the world !

Love you forever.


So it is no surprise that this year I wanted to do something extra special for my mom, and so I partnered up with my dear friend Chantal of Token Gold to choose the perfect piece to celebrate my mother's love for her three kids! 

Token Gold has the most beautifully hand made pieces (all made in TORONTO) that I envision will be forever pieces that live on your pretty fingers until its time to pass them on to the next generation.

No wonder I had a hard time deciding (surprise right? :p) between three beautiful pieces from Token Gold's collection (see below). 

left to right - Three Graces Ring , Skipping Pebbles Ring, Renewal Ring

left to right - Three Graces Ring , Skipping Pebbles Ring, Renewal Ring

I landed on the Three Graces Ring because my mom's birthday is in October (birthstone is opal) and there are THREE of us children - so each of us are represented by a unique opal stone! :) 

I'm so excited to give this to her ... and perhaps the cat has been let out of the bag - sorry for ruining the surprise! But I seriously can't wait to see the look on her face when she finally gets to put this on in person!

If you want to give your mama some lovin' ! ...

- Token Gold is having a 20% OFF sale now until MAY 9th -

use code: MAMALOVIN

@ check out

I can't wait to see what you all pick for your beautiful mama's (or HEY! Treat yourself to some new bling too just in time for some sunny days!)



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