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Hi cuties!


I’ve partnered with Aeroplan to share with you the Moments Worth Millions Contest ! We’re

so excited to announce the return of this super fun + popular contest for the 2nd year.


Five (5) lucky Aeroplan members will have the opportunity to win One Million Miles each in

this year’s online contest, which is enough to take you on your next great adventure + create

even more meaningful moments!!


I’ve personally had the chance to take advantage of Aeroplan miles with Travis’ membership

when we took our first big trip to Italy! We spent MONTHS planning our trip + budgeting to find

out where and how many places we could actually visit. It was a lot harder than I thought to plan

a fully packed two week trip in a new country that neither of us had ever been to before!

We were so thankful for his Aeroplan Miles because it allowed us to visit some cities that

were on the top of our wish list, but out of our price range. Most of the hotels were much pricier

in popular tourist spots. So thanks to Travis’ Aeroplan Miles, we were able to include Milan and

Rome on our itinerary!


Aeroplan helped us create so many moments worth millions together in Italy !


Trav and I don’t get to go on a lot of big trips together because we both have such busy

schedules, so our Italy trip was a once in a lifetime experience that we will never ever forget. We

still reminisce about how much we miss the little town of Trastavere in Rome, and all the

shopping and fashion in Milan.


For us, one of the most memorable cities was Rome. We started out in Rome and ended there

as well. We stayed in two different parts of the city each time and we were amazed to

see the difference from one part to the next. Because of the extra time we got to spend here, we

started to almost feel like locals. We always talk about just going to Rome and living

there for a month to get that amazing feeling of complete contentment back.


One of our favourite things was to wake up early and go to the nearest cafe for breakfast. We

quickly realized that not a lot of Italians ate breakfast, so we always had to customize our order

and definitely confused some of the servers a time or two! But we soon fell into a “regular order”

of a morning espresso along with a little prosciutto sandwich for breakfast. All of these little

moments have been forever stored in our memories, and will always be a story Travis and I can

laugh about when we reminisce about the time we tried to be locals in Italy.


We also discovered the little town of Trastavere that had the cutest little restaurants and wine

bars. We never planned out a schedule each day, other than wanting to see specific

“attractions” before we left. So that left us with a lot of freedom to discover and experience

things that we would just stumble across. One of our last days in Rome, it was so hot outside

and we were so exhausted from the heat that we wanted to find a place to relax. We had just

eaten, so we didn’t want to stop in an actual restaurant. Thankfully as we

turned a corner we saw what looked like a cute bar not so far away. As we got closer we

realized it was a wine bar, and we happily got a table and just spent our afternoon there sipping

on delicious Italian red wine. We spent the afternoon people watching, and just chatting about

life and our trip so far. It felt like we were locals living our dream Italian life! :)


Now I’m excited to have my own Aeroplan membership too so that I don’t keep missing out on

the amazing perks that Travis was getting just by himself. I’m hoping to save enough miles to

put towards a bridal shower trip before my wedding next year ;) OR to combine it with

Travis’ miles to make our honeymoon even more exciting!!


I’ve shared a photo diary of our trip with our moments worth millions below. Most of these

images have never been published on any of my platforms so I hope you enjoy them!


And GOODLUCK to all of you entering this amazing contest! Can’t wait to see the moments you

create :)

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