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STYLE // Black Friday Sales // HOW TO: SHOP SALES

STYLE // Black Friday Sales // HOW TO: SHOP SALES


It's Black Friday Sales time again :) Even though I'm Canadian, the sales during this time are by far my fave. Why? Because you can get sale items that you can actually still wear the season you're buying them. You'll still have some of fall and the rest of winter to get a worth-while use of these items vs. sales like boxing day, we're already right in the middle of winter! You all know how much I love dressing for fall and all the layers we can load on :)

Sale shopping has become one of my most treasured past-times because I love finding a good deal. My biggest tips are:

  • DO YOUR RESEARCH - so many stores sell the same items, so you want to make sure you're getting the best price you can. Before heading to a store in person, I always check the items I want out online first so I know if the sales in person are a "good deal" or not.
  • MAKE SURE YOU ACTUALLY WANT IT - I used to get sucked into buying things because the deal was just too good! But I found that after a wear or 2, I lost interest quickly. Ask yourself if you'd buy this normally if it wasn't on sale - and if the answer is no, then double check why you're buying it now.
  • MAKE SURE IT ACTUALLY FITS - I've fallen for this mistake so many times too because during sale season, the most popular sizes, Smalls and Mediums are usually sold out like that. Myself, being a Small and sometimes a Medium, if there was an item that I wanted really badly but only came in a xs or l or even xl ... I've actually just bought it anyways because I was like, "well at least I have it now"! Nah, don't be like me. I never actually wear those pieces, for the 1 exception of an XL cardigan I still love. 

Besides these key things to remember, shop till your heart is content! or at least until your wallet tells you to stop ;)

I've picked out my favorites below from my go-to sale stores - NORDSTROM + SHOPBOP. 

As the sales continue to come through, I'll be updating this page so just keep an eye out here!

HAPPY SHOPPING my beautiful friends.


under $20

under $25



extra 20% off sale


extra 35% off sale


$50 over $150

$15 over $75


50% off coats + sweaters

30% off other products

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