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FOOD // The perfect dinner party starters - Apothic Wine

FOOD // The perfect dinner party starters - Apothic Wine

White Wine - Apothic Wine 

Hello lovelies! 

I am a huge wine fan so when I had the opportunity to partner up with Apothic Wine I was ecstatic. I had been drinking their wine for a while as it is super affordable + delicious. However, I hadn't tried their white wine before since I am largely a red wine lover. 

Since October is the perfect time for oysters, I decided to share my favourite fall dinner party starters:

fresh oysters + homemade seafood sauce + Caprese salad + white wine

The Apothic White pairs perfectly with the salty/sweet oysters + the tanginess of the sauce to make your taste buds tingle with joy. This white wine is on the sweet side so its perfect for those of you who haven't quite jumped on the wine wagon yet, or for those who prefer a sweeter crisp wine. The caprese salad is a great addition to the oysters to tie you over until the main course, or an awesome substitute for those who do not like seafood or are not a fan of the oyster texture/taste - I myself only started liking / became obsessed with oysters in the last year.

Tip: I like my white wine extremely cold so I put it in the freezer for 15 minutes before serving!

Recipes are below + don't hesitate to comment for any clarification or feedback :)

Seafood Sauce Recipe:

- 5 Tbsp Ketchup

- Freshly shaved horseradish (you can get at most seafood stores) 

- 2-3 Tbsp Ketchup

- Salt to taste

Caprese Salad

- Buffalo Mozzarella

- Basil Leaves

- your favourite tomatoes! 

- Olive Oil drizzled on top

- Fresh pepper

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