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STYLE // HOW TO: Style skirts for Fall/Winter

STYLE // HOW TO: Style skirts for Fall/Winter

Skirt - ZARA | Sweater - ASOS | Sneakers - VANS | Glasses - RAY BAN | Watch - KLARF

I've decided to give skirts ... and maybe even dresses a chance this Fall/Winter! 

Why? Well, because there are just too many beautiful options this season that I can't just glance at anymore. 

So now that I have opened my closet up to skirts/dresses, I need to learn how to style them with what I already have + stay true to my effortless + masculine-inspired style.

Here are a few tips I think will help all you skirt newbies (like me!) welcome skirts with open arms or for those of you who are skirt-regulars, perhaps this will give you some new inspiration! :)

1. Choose a skirt that will match the colour tone of your pre-existing wardrobe

My closet is overpopulated with neutrals like blacks, greys, tans + creams for fall/winter so I looked for a skirt in this color family. When I saw this silver one, I was hesitant at first, but then thought, "why not?!" - its such a fun change from all my regular grey pieces + would look amazing with all colors. It's a perfect statement neutral.

2. Mix it with oversized pieces - like sweaters, scarves +/or jackets

This skirt is pleated and midi-length so it was tricky to match it with an oversized sweater without looking too frumpy! I made sure to have it tucked in so not to lose my waist in all this fabric. Another option would have been to pair it with a cropped sweater + and oversized jacket. Having an oversized piece gives a potential girly skirt look a more edgy, street style, even tomboy look.

3. Pair with sneakers 

There's nothing I love more than to mix more formal pieces with athletic/casual pieces like sneakers! It makes me feel a lot more comfortable pairing a more feminine piece like this silver skirt with a sporty pair of sneakers!

4. KISS - Keep it simple silly!

If you're wearing something that you generally don't wear, for me, it is pretty uncomfortable. So if I'm going to wear a statement skirt I need to keep it simple because otherwise I will just feel like a fish out of water. Pairing this skirt with an oversized sweater that I wear on a daily basis and sneakers that I love make this style transition a lot easier for me to feel confident in. And lovelies - confidence completes every outfit, so make sure you feel good in what you're wearing :)

STYLE // Refined jewelry in Toronto - Bluboho

STYLE // Refined jewelry in Toronto - Bluboho

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