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STYLE // Must-Have Fall Hats

STYLE // Must-Have Fall Hats

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

I completely thought yesterday was Tuesday ... and if you follow me on Instagram, I might have said "Happy Tuesday friends" ... and continued to go on with my day until about 5pm when I realized it was actually Monday! Does this ever happen to you?

Anyways - we're pretty much into fall now, give or take a couple of warm surprise days - so I decided to round up a list of some hats that I think anyone should have in their closet for fall. 

I've added a couple options of my favourite styles + here's why:

1) The Beanie

My favourite for my bad hair-days and when I just want to feel cozy. For me, wearing a beanie is like staying in bed for my head :) Soon, it'll be hard for you to find me without one of these on my head!

2) The Baseball Cap

Did you know I was a huge tennis player when I was young? So that meant I wore a lot of baseball caps + I'm so happy that it's back "in style" this year. I love the suede ones, but I also love the look of a simple all black canvas hat that can give any outfit a that cool-casual-chic vibe.

3) The Wide Brim Hat + Fedora

If you're looking to catch glances walking down the street then a fedora is your ticket there. Whenever I'm looking around for street style inspo, more often than none the outfits that catch my eye include someone that wears a includes a beautiful fedora or wide-brim hats.



SHOPPING GUIDE // Fall Shopping - Sale Edit

SHOPPING GUIDE // Fall Shopping - Sale Edit

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