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TRAVEL // Best Restaurant in PEI

TRAVEL // Best Restaurant in PEI



One of the things I was most excited about traveling to PEI for was the food. I am a huge fan of seafood and PEI is of course well known for that!

We had the chance of going to the award-winning Blue Mussel Cafe. This restaurant is a seasonal seafood cafe that strives to provide as fresh and local seafood as possible. The restaurant is surrounded by a beautiful rustic buildings providing the most serene, and gorgeous view. 

My first step into this restaurant felt so homey + friendly like you just knew that the food was going to be fished that day + served "fresh out of the oven". There were picnic tables for larger groups making it feel like a local hotspot, where people would go for a good dinner out with friends / family. There were also painted murals on the top of the walls that added a touch of uniqueness from regular local seafood joints. My favourite part was in the back where the bar was + old style saloon doors guarded the entrance way to the bathrooms + a glass garage door. This spot was any Instagrammers/bloggers dream! It had unfinished wood details, light blue cup wardrobe + white wooden walls with twinkly lights draped along the celling accessorized with old-school lanterns. 

So here's what we ordered + why they were my favourite!



I love oysters! So going to the east coast was so perfect for me :) I basically ate oysters all day/ everyday. This particular kind is a little salty, but still sweet like I like them + went perfectly with the horseradish + lemon. 


A smoked fish charcuterie!? I mean, YES PLEASE! Smoked salmon - check! Smoked Mackerel - ... I was intrigued and pleasantly surprised! Now just to find out where I can get some in Ontario :) Then paired with delicious local cheeses + crostini was just the perfect start to a flawless meal. 



I couldn't go to PEI without having a lobster roll! And this one definitely didn't disappoint. The bread roll was perfectly toasted, but so warm and chewy in the centre + the lobster was so fresh you could taste it in the texture and in the flavour. Oh, and I can't not talk about the delicious potatoes! You can't drive 5 minutes in PEI without seeing a field of potatoes or a potato factory ... and that is why I might have overdosed on the most heavenly potatoes here. These were the perfect wedges, with the most delicious spices + cooked to perfection, my mouth is watering and craving them like no tomorrow just writing about it. Who wants to take me back out east!?




I love any type of caesar honestly! But one that mixes my love for fresh oyster + my favourite drink is amazing. The taste of the clamato juice + kick of the hot sauce is the perfect finish to the deliciously salty raspberry point oyster. Now I'm never having a caesar the same again!

Below is a mini photo diary of the scenery in and around this beautiful restaurant ...

STYLE // Must-Have Fall Hats

STYLE // Must-Have Fall Hats

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