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WELLNESS // Essential Oils Edit

WELLNESS // Essential Oils Edit


Hello lovelies! 

I am still recovering from chipmunk cheeks and a liquid diet from having my wisdom teeth taken out, but it has inspired me to share my "at-home" routines starting out with my wellness habits. I have a degree in Physiology as well as Nutrition + Food so taking care of your body + mind is very important to me so I will be starting a WELLNESS SERIES.

First, I'm going to share with you my experience with essential oils because I am too sensitive to really use perfumes (even though I would love to). Essential oils are my personal all natural scent escape that I can actually fully enjoy. 

Well, I got it from my mama! 

My mom has always been a huge fan of natural products growing up because I had such sensitive skin + allergies. As I grew up though I was enticed by all the fancy magazines and commercials of beautiful girls using these mass-produced items so obviously I got sucked in + I tried them all out for years, but was never fully satisfied.

Then a couple years ago I developed a bad case of eczema around my neck that spread onto my face, which really freaked me out! This made me take a really good look at what I was using and putting on + into my body. (This was also one of the main reasons I decided to study Nutrition to help myself and others like me learn to understand + how treat their bodies better). 

Anyways, when this whole shenanigan with my skin started up, my mom actually started making homemade soaps with real essential oils.

There IS a difference between essential oils + aromatic scents ... this is where they get you! Essential oils actually have physiological benefits where as aromatics just smell nice ... and they cost much less so many brands will try to trick you when they say "natural" ... make sure that they are using actual ESSENTIAL OILS.

So my mom's soaps were the only things I could use for the last 2 years until my skin started to calm down again, but it will always be a constant struggle for me to minimize my flareups. 

Luckily with my talented mom by my side I learned all about essential oils and discovered my favourites. So when THURSDAY PLANTATION sent over these 3 oils I was so excited because I had already used these in my everyday life. 


I used to have dried up lavender in canvas baggies by the side of my bed to help me sleep + I basically love to have this scent anywhere in my life! Now I've been using the lavender oil by dabbing it on my wrists just before I sleep for a nice relaxing wind-down after a long day. 


Okay - this is actually the one that I am the most in love with. I just love the almost "minty-medicinal" scent that leaves a tinge on your skin wherever you use it. It clears up my stuffy nose in the morning whether it be from allergies or a cold. I also use it on any skin spots because it can act as a antibacterial substance + dries up the spot allowing it to clear up. It's also a great oil to add to your make-up removal routine! 


The first memory I have of this is at the St. Anne's Spa near Niagara with my friends during a spa weekend. They have the most amazing eucalyptus infused sauna that is so heavenly that you'll never want to leave. So whenever I smell eucalyptus it brings me back to that amazing weekend full of relaxation and peace. Eucalyptus is also amazing for cleaning! I just read about it, but I am determined to figure out how to properly do it - apparently I can use it for laundry! Imagine your fresh laundry smelling like eucalyptus ?! I am so excited to try it out :) And I will definitely keep you all posted. 


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