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STYLE // x HORTENSE // HOW TO find the perfect bracelet

STYLE // x HORTENSE // HOW TO find the perfect bracelet

Bracelet - HORTENSE 

By now you all know how much I LOVE jewelry - especially minimal, dainty, high-quality pieces that will be with me forever. 

I recently discovered the brand HORTENSE from my friends at BLUBOHO

HORTENSE is a jewelry brand based out of LA, designed by Hortense who was from Paris, France. She makes the most beautiful pieces, which embody who she is and what she likes - things that are unique, artistic + modern. 

I've spent years collecting my jewelry collection + I can finally say that I am the happiest I've ever been with my go-to pieces. It's difficult finding quality pieces that can take you throughout many seasons , especially ones at reasonable price points.

So here are my TOP TIPS for finding the perfect bracelet: 


2) buy pieces made completely of STERLING SILVER or at least 10K GOLD

*not anything plated

3) think about how the  new piece will fit into your EXISTING COLLECTION

+ how it will look ALONE

Bracelets are something that I've struggled with finding because I have such small wrists + I can't have anything too dangly or something that moves around too much because I talk so much with my hands. When I shop for bracelets I look for one that is adjustable in length or customizable so that I can get it fitted perfectly. Just like clothes, your jewelry should look tailored for you as well.  I also look for pieces made of either sterling silver, or 14k gold so that they will last forever. I don't like taking my jewelry off when I wash my hands or shower so I need pieces that will survive constant exposure to water + soap. I've found that "gold plated" or anything plated is not for me. I end up wasting my money on items that I can't wear in 3-4 months. Lastly, since I have a good base collection of my everyday pieces, I keep in mind how the new piece will fit into the collection (just like my closet), but also how they would look alone. I am a huge fan of layering and layering my jewelry :) but I also love how simple and clean stand-alone jewelry can look. 

I've compiled a couple of my favourite pieces below, but definitely check out her full collection here!

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