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STYLE // x PARAJUMPERS // 5 Things to look for in a WINTER JACKET

STYLE // x PARAJUMPERS // 5 Things to look for in a WINTER JACKET


Retailers in GTA: Sporting Life Canada, Andrew's, Live Out There

I've partnered with PARAJUMPERS, an innovative outerwear collection focusing on highly technical components that are not only extremely stylish, but very functional. 

PARAJUMPERS jackets have a very distinct military look because the inspiration comes from the men of the 210th Rescue Squadron, based in Anchorage, Alaska, trained to save lives. 

The outer shell of these jackets are made of hard-wearing nylon + come with removable down-padded lining and a fur-trimmed hood, PLUS the collar fastens with a hook used in parachuting! They also have such an amazing / inspiring motto 

- "that others may live"

As the weather continues to get colder by the day, I thought I'd round up my top 5 tips for finding the perfect winter jacket because we all know how hard it is to balance practicality (warmth) + still looking chic/put together! 

Below are my top 5 things to look for when purchasing a WINTER JACKET 

1) choose the right FILL

What I mean by this is, make sure that the jacket is partially, if not all, down feathers. That is the key to knowing your jacket will keep you warm in sub-zero temperatures. The higher the percentage of down, the warmer it will be.

2) find the right FIT

There are so many beautiful coat shapes now, even for parkas! The key is to find one that fits your own personal style and fits your body shape. You want to make sure that the jacket doesn't overwhelm you. I tend to like to stick to parkas that fit you just right. I save the oversized styles for my wool/cashmere styled jackets because the fabric is more forgiving. I love either a straight cut jacket or one that cinches at the waist - its a classic shape that will last throughout the years. 

3) make sure it falls BELOW the bum

Most of your body heat comes from your middle torso so if your parka is too short, you're letting your core body temperature escape. Having a jacket that is longer will help preserve that heat and add some extra wind protection for your upper leg region. 

4) choose the right COLOUR

Like any investment piece - yes, a winter jacket is going to be an investment especially if you're looking for one to last - you want to make sure that it fits the rest of your wardrobe. Without a doubt, my favourite options are black, dark navy, or army green (especially this season). I like to go with a darker shade for longevity reasons because although snow is white... dirt + wet snow = slush and a lot of brown stains on your new fancy jacket!

5) go for a HOOD

There are a lot of styles now that don't have a hood, and sales associates may convince you that you don't need one as long as you have a hat ... but oh are they wrong! Having a hood, especially a furry one, makes such a big difference when it comes to a windy stormy day. A tuque + scarf can only do so much, but since your head holds so much of your body heat, you need to protect it. A hood will not only be wind-proof, but one with fur will also supply a surplus of warmth during a super cold day. 

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