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Jess Undecided originates from a whole lot of soul-searching the last couple years to find what I'm truly about, but what I've found is that you don't have to decide on just one thing to define who you are - you can be undecided

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So let's get real for a moment - how many pieces of your wardrobe do you actually wear? 

I always tell myself that I need to clean out my closet because I really only wear about 50% of the items in there ... Ok - realistically maybe 35%. However every time I go to do a wardrobe cleanse I have a mini panic attack! (I'm secretly, but now publicly a hoarder) 

Thankfully, when Mcouture reached out for this campaign I finally got that kick in the butt I needed. Keeping your closet neat and trim isn't only good psychologically - I mean it, think about how much better you feel when your place is clean - but also makes it so much easier for you to dress / style yourself because you're not bombarded with all these different pieces you've kept for years for sentimental reasons. The hardest part for me is saying bye to pieces I had saved up so long for! Anyone with me?

So how do you clean out your closet without losing too much of your investment? That's where Mcouture comes in! They offer the amazing service of helping you say goodbye to your beloved treasures as well as helping you towards investing in new ones. 

What's even better is that Mcouture helps keep the fashion industry sustainable. By reselling your pieces back into the market, you're helping to create a culture of environmentally friendly fashion. Keep your wardrobe moving - Be part of the sustainable fashion movement.   

I remember exactly when I bought each of the two items I'm selling on Mcouture.com. The Frye Boots I purchased during my first and only visit (for now) to Portland, Oregon. I had wanted a pair for so long, but couldn't bring myself to spend that much on a pair of boots (...unfortunately that habit has since been broken ...$$$ #bloggerproblems). However, I convinced myself that I should get something to remember my trip - and there came the boots into my wardrobe. For some reason my feet were a lot smaller in the states... Because when I got home the boots were just way too small! So they have actually been sitting in my closet unworn. Every so often I take them out to try on with outfits - but can never actually wear them for more than a couple minutes (it was a struggle taking these pictures!). Anyways - whoever is lucky enough to get these boots, I can't wait for you to style and love them as much as I wish I could have! They are the perfect mix of classic equestrian style and country-side charm. 

These Dior glasses were my first pair of designer sunglasses and I'll never forget the excitement I had when purchasing them. It was also in the states (yes, I'm really reminiscing and missing those times when the Canadian dollar was doing much better), and I was in NYC visiting my aunt on a family vacation. I was super into the large frame, aviator-like sunglasses style back then before I realized it just doesn't work with my face shape (I'm definitely more suited for round frames). I remember seeing these beautiful silver sunnies in the glass case and knowing that I had to have them - and that was basically that. I wore these whenever I had somewhere nice to go (because I was terrified of losing them if I wore them daily) and they always gave me that extra stride of confidence. So if you love oversized frames as much as I do - check them out at Mcouture!

You can find both my items for sale here!!  

Plus - you can enter to win $100 in-store credit on your next purchase by sending in your designer items to Mcouture for sale in the next month - AND don't forget to indicate Jess Undecided on your discharge to be eligible! Win-win no? 

Anyways - I'm out for now! Hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about the inner workings of my mind ;) Chat again soon.  





The PERFECT CUT // Sosken Studios

The PERFECT CUT // Sosken Studios