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The PERFECT CUT // Sosken Studios

The PERFECT CUT // Sosken Studios

Coat - SOSKEN | Jeans - American Apparel | Shoes - Converse | Sunnies - Krewe Du Optic

Hat - JCrew

Well, I don't know about you, but i've been on the hunt for the perfectly cut coat for many winters now. I thought my search would never be over until I met this beauty this month. Sure - it's technically spring, but hey, I live in Canada and although it was 20 degrees C yesterday, it was snowing today! Better late than never right?

Anyways, back to this jacket! It's from the Canadian brand Sosken from Montreal, Quebec. This particular one is custom cut, but you can definitely find similar ones at one of their retail locations (see below) or contact them here

I love that this jacket is wool, which will keep me warm in the harsh winter weather, but its a soft wool so my neck isn't turning red every time I wear it! (struggles of a sensitive skin lady!) Its the perfect oversized cocoon styled jacket with this dark denim-like color. I love that its so oversized, but the sleeves still end at the perfect spot and fit my arms perfectly. I'm looking forward to layering it over blazers and lighter jackets without feeling too claustrophobic, which I usually feel in many of my other jackets when I layer anything other than a sweater underneath it.

To all my beautiful Canadians, you can find SOSKEN's beautiful pieces here:

-Setlakwe ltee


-Paul Barrington Furs LTD

-Febeli Boutique



-La Maison Simons INC.

-Les magasins J.L. Taylor INC.

-Nathar K.F.S. Limited

-Reia Studio

-Ruth Stein Fashions LTD

-Stephanie 2000


And for all my amazing American followers, you can get your hands on SOSKEN here:

-Avenue Fashions

-Barbara Jean

-Dress Code

-Elizabeth Maar

-Frances Heffernan

-Francie Hargrove

-Hesse’s INC.


-Lilly Rose Clothing

-Matt Dobyns Golf Shop INC.


-Over the top

-Robert Pourchot

-S&W Coats LTD

-Sutton East


-Sahara Plaza LLC


 And hello to my friends over yonder in the UK! SOSKEN is there too! At:

-Robertson Outerwear LTD