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Where - The Addisons, Toronto

When - February 16, 2017

Harley-Davidson has done it again.

Done what you're probably wondering?

Well, they have convinced me that I need to learn how to ride a bike...and then buy a motorcycle...ASAP (because I failed to last summer when I was so inspired to a year ago *read more here)...

So how did they do so?

They put on yet another amazing event with some of the coolest bikers / biker fanatics in the city. This time it took place in one of the coolest venues in the city, The Addisons. If you're not familiar, The Addisons is a bar/event space designed to look like a house to give the vibe that you're at this cosy, but swanky house party. Harley-Davidson Canada put on their popular #LifeInHD party, which has been following the motorcycle show across Canada, in Toronto a few nights ago. I had the pleasure to attend and experience the super cool vibes that one can only expect from such a cool + iconic brand like Harley-Davidson. 

At the entrance, surrounded by beautiful palm patterned wallpaper, they had a raffle to win some diamonds! ... Yes , they already had me at "hello" :)

After walking through the super chic house that is The Addisons Residence, I came upon the room set up with the most beautiful Harley-Davidson bike, the custom cigar rolling station, and the custom make-up station. Harley-Davidson had thought of everyone from a hard-core motorcycle rider, to motorcycle hobbyists, to city-slickers who just want to be at the Toronto event of the night. 

The event was intended to get everyone ready and pumped up for THE MOTORCYCLE SHOW happening that weekend, which if you didn't have a chance to check out, is STILL happening today at the Enercare Centre! 

I also got to try the Harley-Davidson Customized Drink that featured some tequila, jalapeno flavoured liqueur, and lime.

Although I went to this event thinking I would indulge in some more motorcycle knowledge and enthusiasm, I left with a whole new understanding of the brand. 

I was presently surprised that Harley-Davidson actually has a large following that not many people might expect in the heart of downtown Toronto largely consisting of Gen Ys! I definitely saw more people my age than I thought I would at the last couple HD events.  

It is a misconception that I hope to help change by sharing with you all how Harley-Davidson can relate to you! You can start out by checking out some of my favourite bikes below :)

I hope to see a lot more of you at the next Harley-Davidson Event + can't wait to share with you more my love for this brand!

Till next time.





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