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NUTRITION // x HelloFresh HOW TO: Meal Prep Pt. 1

NUTRITION // x HelloFresh HOW TO: Meal Prep Pt. 1

Food - HelloFresh 

Hello beauties!

I've been trying out this new food service called HelloFresh based out of Berlin, Germany but has now started shipping in Canada! How exciting, right? :)

I've been working on a post with Näring Collective about the benefits of weekly meal prepping, but it is still in the works so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce this to you all.

HelloFresh is the leading global provider of fresh foods at home making all our lives that much more streamlined + efficient.

One of the downfalls of meal prepping is that it takes a lot of time and organization that many of us don't have time for. HelloFresh gives us the solution by providing fresh foods for delicious recipes all in a well packaged box right to the convenience of our home. The subscription is also a dream because it is so flexible - you can cancel or change your order any week you want in case you are going to be away, or decided you wanted to try a different recipe that week.

Plus, there are new recipes every week to try so you never get bored. My favourite part is that each recipe has a nutrition profile to let you know what you're eating and make keeping a food diary much easier. 

I also love that all their recipes are available online + archived for me to peruse if I decided I wanted to make it again later! I've used several recipes again for specific parts like how to make the most delicious potatoes, or cook the perfect steak in the oven. 

I honestly love this service and is perfect for when you're cooking for a small family of 2 or 3 because it also minimizes food waste by providing you with the exact amount of produce needed for each recipe. 

You can check them out here + you can get ...

50% off w/ code: JESS50

on your first kit!!

Hope you all get a chance to try this awesome service + stay tuned for more #JUNutritionAndFood tips.


SHOPPING // Must Have : Aviator Jacket

SHOPPING // Must Have : Aviator Jacket