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Hi cuties!

It's been a little bit since I've done a chatty vlog so I thought I'd talk about some items I've been obsessed with! I usually do a haul when I get new items, but I thought it would be helpful to do a video about the pieces that I love even more after using it for a while!

Hope you find it helpful too :)




zoe chicco necklace

the perfect layering piece

shop HERE

I’ve been loving this piece because it is so dainty, yet the diamond bezels sparkle just enough to catch your eye. Plus, it’s the perfect layering piece to go with all my other necklaces. I usually wear it at the very top and layer my bigger / chunkier pieces below it :)! Highly recommend - definitely worth the investment!


vintage infinity band

for that added sparkle

shop other vintage pieces HERE

To be honest, I wasn’t looking for a new band when I saw on this one, but the design just got me! I am FREQUENTLY shopping from St. Eloi’s curated vintage/antique finds and saw she was doing a sale in May where some of her proceeds would be going to the abortion fund. So I took this chance to help donate to an important cause and to add a piece to my collection I didn’t even know I needed, but cannot imagine my life without it now. I love that it is a thinner band, but because of the channel design it catches your eye because it’s not your typical diamond band! I love that the channel also protects the stones for layering with other rings like I’ve done here! I haven’t seen another one like that yet, but definitely give Carly (the owner) of St. Eloi a shout if you want something similar too! She’s the best at hunting down treasures for you!


home depot decor

perfect modern/rustic combo

shop lamp HERE

shop nightstand HERE

shop grey pillow HERE

shop white striped pillow HERE

shop bench HERE

shop baskets HERE

shop rug HERE

It’s been almost a month since I redecorated our master bedroom and I wanted to tell you how I’m feeling about the Home Depot pieces I got! It was the first time I’d purchased any decor or furniture from them so I’m extremely happy with how everything has been working for us so far! The lamp is still probably one of my favorite pieces because it’s just SO COOL + photogenic :p! The nightstands have also been a game changer because I didn’t have a drawer in my old one, so it’s a lot easier to keep my side of the bed clean when I can stow away my kleenex box + jewelry in there! The pillows are THE comfiest things I’ve gotten in a while + often like to sleep on them for a quick little nap! The baskets as I suspected have become our temporary hideaway for the clothes that aren’t ready to be washed, but aren’t clean enough to go back in the dresser, so they hang out in the basket until we wear them enough for a wash! Lastly, the rug has held up much better than I thought it would! I think it has to do with the shorter, but thick pill so it’s super easy to clean with the vacuum so the lighter color doesn’t get as dirty as I would have thought!

98F44BA3-3879-489F-9752-BBFF605AEF03 2.JPG

sonya lee bag

the hold everything bag

shop her collection HERE

*this is the KATE bag that is releasing in August

I am one of those people that put EVERYTHING into their bag lol. I just tend to like traveling with all my belongings because I feel like I never know what I might need! So I was so happy when my new Sonya Lee bag arrived and I found out I could carry everything in it including my 1.2L water bottle!! The other feature I love most about the bag (besides the fact you can wear it multiple ways) is that the shoulder strap is long enough for me to wear it and put my arm down comfortably by my side!! I hate bags that have a shoulder strap that’s too short that your arm is awkwardly sticking out to avoid squishing your bag, you know!?

current obsessions.jpg

floating plant wall

plant baby heaven

shop floating shelf HERE

*planters are from indigo, amazon, homesense and blooms + flora

I don’t have links for them as they either are only sold in store or are sold out online.

I remember when I used to have a bunch of these floating shelves, but I never used it for plants! My green thumb grew more recently and I have been collecting a ton of plants since we’ve moved into the new house. This floating plant wall is my solution for opening back up some space on our dining table (where they were sitting before) because our dining room is the brightest room in the house besides our bedroom!

current obsessions-2.jpg

easy everyday hat

it makes me feel super Canadian

shop hat HERE

I struggle with finding good hats because my head shape is very shallow. Like from front to back, so I always find that hats look silly on me! But when I was sent this Roots hat as part of another unrelated campaign I was so so happy to see it actually didn’t make me look ridiculous!! Sadly, Travis also liked it and began wearing it so much that I had to get another one for myself. I mean, I did want another color anyways, so I guess it all worked out for the best … but YOU ARE WELCOME Trav, for gifting you my one hat that I actually liked to wear…

current obsessions-3.jpg

new “old” sweater

vintage sweater of my dreams

shop HERE

I first saw this sweater on the @roots Instagram page. The girl was wearing the green one in a super oversized way and I was immediately IN LOVE. When I found out there was also a navy color, I was stumped!! I couldn’t decide which one I wanted more, so I did a poll on IG, but you all were 50/50 split!! I ended up with the navy because even though I LOVED the green one, I don’t often gravitate towards green even if it’s in my own closet, so the navy was a safer bet. It arrived a bit over a week ago now, and it is my go-to cosy sweater now. I absolutely love how the Large size fits on me and since it’s still pretty chilly in the GTA I am able to wear this sweater out and about!!! It is every bit as comfortable as it looks + I highly recommend nabbing it before it sells out!! (PS. It’s still on sale!)

current obsessions-4.jpg

velcro camp sandals

practical AND on trend lol

shop HERE

I have been wanting a pair of these camp/hiking sandals for years. I tried to get a pair of TEVAs years ago, but sadly I’m in between sizes for them so I was never able to find something that fit right. I saw these when I was shopping the Shopbop sale, and had to give them a try. I am more than happy with the initial try-on. I am a bit worried for my ankle bone because I have flat feet so my ankle sits a bit lower than the average person and I kind of feel it hitting the side plastic piece already, but I’m going to try walking around in them for a few days in the house and see how that goes!! However, if I had normal ankles, I would 100% keep because they are SO CUTE and comfy otherwise!

current obsessions-5.jpg

champion sweater

+ citizens jeans

classic, but cool

shop sweater HERE

shop jeans HERE

I have been wanting a Champion sweater for a while, but didn’t find a shape I loved. Then I saw this white cropped one go on sale and thought it was the perfect opportunity to try this infamous brand out. My first impressions are that it’s not as comfy as I would have hoped. The material is a little more crisp than I would have expected! I ordered a size Medium because I wanted it to be longer than how cropped it looked online in a “true size”, and it does fit perfectly in terms of length. I might keep it because I think if I wash it and wear it more the fabric will eventually get super soft!

These jeans I am super impressed with. I have the Charlotte in a different wash and in the regular length, but have been thinking of cutting them so they are cropped. When I saw these ones on sale I decided to give them a try. Even though these are 100% cotton too, the wash / particular cotton fabric is much stretchier and softer than the lighter wash Charlottes I have. I’m excited to wear them more :)!

current obsessions-6.jpg

90s white denim

comfiest relaxed summer jeans

shop HERE

So remember the AGOLDE 90s style jeans from my Aritzia haul? Well i’m so in love with the style I wanted them in another wash. I saw these in white on Shopbop and decided to try them out! I am still a little undecided if I like them in the clean white wash because it’s missing the fading of the light blue wash and I feel like it make me look wider because of it. I think I’ll be keeping them, but will let you all know :p!

Let me know if you all enjoy this kind of recap/review!