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BEAUTY // x Amazon.ca // HOW TO: Get Clear Skin // Best Beauty Products Under $20

BEAUTY // x Amazon.ca // HOW TO: Get Clear Skin // Best Beauty Products Under $20

I've rounded up my absolute favourite AND affordable beauty products all shoppable on Amazon.

With a new season coming, not only do I love to update my clothing wardrobe, but also my beauty cabinet!

Something I like to update frequently are my beauty tools like brushes and sponges. I'm a huge fan of the Real Techniques brand because their brushes are so soft and they're sold at SUCH an amazing price point that changing your brushes often doesn't break the bank as much.

You all often ask me for MY SECRET of how to keep your skin so healthy and one of the reasons is because consistently cleaning your brushes! :) It's a habit I've picked up along the way and has definitely made a huge difference. 

I like to clean my brushes every couple weeks, and if I don't I can tell pretty quickly that its time because I immediately start breaking out ! My skin seriously responds that much, and your breakouts might be a response to unclean brushes too.

My sister actually shared with me a great and super economical way to clean your brushes, which is with baby shampoo! It's so much cheaper than the "fancier" brush cleansers that you find at makeup stores and for some strange reason I just love the smell of baby cleaning products :p ... don't you?

I also used to just wash all the brushes by hand, but my mom had bought this brush cleansing palette that makes it so much easier and more efficient (its the pink looking tub that is actually a little bit bigger than the size of your hand).

I've also included my favorite makeup wipes because some nights I'm just too lazy to use my Clarisonic and my complete facial cleanse routine before sleeping! These wipes have also saved my skin from the damage of sleeping with makeup and leaves my skin feeling so fresh and hydrated :) If you take away one thing from this post it's to NEVER SLEEP WITH MAKEUP ON. 

Last, but not least, I added my ABSOLUTE favorite rosebud salve that I usually use for my lips, and works great on any dry or irritated patches as well! I grew up with this and is definitely a constant travel buddy of mine. 

and YES, all of these products are UNDER $20 !! ... actually a lot of them are even under $10!!





LIFESTYLE // x Amazon.ca // My Lazy Day Secrets

LIFESTYLE // x Amazon.ca // My Lazy Day Secrets

LIFESTYLE // x Amazon // Back To School Looks

LIFESTYLE // x Amazon // Back To School Looks