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LIFESTYLE // x Amazon.ca // My Lazy Day Secrets

LIFESTYLE // x Amazon.ca // My Lazy Day Secrets

My body apparently doesn't like the last minute summer heat and has decided to catch a bug ! So this last week I've been quarantining myself at home... but also on the edge of also catching cabin fever.

I don't know about you, but I always find it extremely hard to actually have a "lazy day" especially when I'm running my own business and my business is social media.

Even when I'm sick, I can still technically pick up my phone and answer emails, edit my photos, write a post, organize my editorial calendar, etc. etc. right? So I always feel so guilty that I can't do all those things when I'm at home sick because it's just so easily accessible to me. I have to really convince myself to actually "take a day off" and quite my inner critic so that my body and mind have time to regroup and recover.

Eventually, after a lot of struggling last week to actually take the day off, I decided that I needed a good-to-honest LAZY DAY. So I started to do just that. 

...Then it hit me. I didn't know WHAT TO DO? 

I hadn't really thought too much about it before, but how do you properly have a "lazy day"? I began to think, "what would I like to do that has nothing to do with a daily working day activity?".

If I try to turn my brain off from its regularly scheduled noisy chatter, I find myself naturally reaching for my phone and sitting in front of my computer still. After Pinterest-ing potential DIY ideas, to spending probably 30 minutes on Netflix trying to find a new binge-worthy TV show, and scrolling through Instagram I realized that this isn't a "lazy day" that is beneficial to improving my inner wellbeing. How really different was what I was just doing from my regular work day other than procrastinating on different topics :p?

I decided that the best way to have a lazy day was to try to disconnect from as much technology as I could. I mean - I still had my phone by me (for emergencies ok?), but I wasn't on it every couple minutes of the day like I usually am.

After doing an at-home yoga practice, I ended up grabbing my Kindle and downloading a new book to read, sat on my balcony and enjoyed some of the final days of 30+ degree weather with a cup of iced tea while people/car watching many stories below (yes, I admit it, I'm one of those condo creepers - but it's the perks of living so high up!).

What do you all like to do on a LAZY DAY?

Would love to read your comments below <3

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LIFESTYLE // x Miele // BLIZZARD CX1 // Confessions of a non-vacuum-aholic

LIFESTYLE // x Miele // BLIZZARD CX1 // Confessions of a non-vacuum-aholic

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