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BEAUTY // x La Roche-Posay // SKIN-LOVE

BEAUTY // x La Roche-Posay // SKIN-LOVE

It's summer time, so I wanted to take the time to talk to you all about something that I hold very dear to my heart - proper sun care!

But why is it so important to me? 

By now you all know how sensitive my skin is, so practicing proper sun safety is on the top of my list, especially in the summer when I’m not covered in my favorite knits.

I was one of those girls that always wanted darker skin, and loved to get super tanned in the summertime. Thankfully my parents were always on top of me to put on sunscreen before I headed outside, but every so often I still somehow forgot to apply/reapply sunscreen!

Back in the day, I used to work at an outdoor tennis camp for several summers and my skin was constantly exposed to UV rays. Although I knew about the importance of wearing sunscreen, I never really thought about how the protection fades so I rarely reapplied. Even though I was familiar with the risks of sun damage, it wasn't until I met one of my best friends who had lost her father to skin cancer that it really hit home. It made me reevaluate how carefully I pay attention to my sun safety routine. 

Since partnering up with La Roche-Posay, I now keep track of my skin (moles / freckles) by using the ABCDE method. Plus, I not only fell in love with their super lightweight + protective sunscreen, but I also am fangirling over their new UV patch. If you're like me, then you’re likely always looking for simpler, and smarter ways to practice healthy sun safety habits. La Roche-Posay's My UV patch has been shown to improve safe-sun behaviour and minimize sunburns!!


Well the My UV patch uses an intuitive app (available for Android + iPhone users) to monitor your UV exposure in real time! I'm actually obsessed with how cool this patch is. By simply scanning your patch (as seen in the images) with your device / mobile app, and using an algorithm that factors in your personal data like skin type, phototype, location and weather data, the app can actually tell you important information on what behaviours to adopt and what (AND WHEN) protection to apply. Easy Peasy! PLUS, La Roche-Posay will be distributing 20,000 of these UV patches throughout Canada :) So keep an eye out!

I’m so excited to sport this cute patch on all my outings this summer and can’t wait to share this cool new app when people start asking me more questions! :)

And feel free to leave any questions below or send me an email if you have more questions about my skincare/sun safety routine!

Take a read at MY LAST POST for my favorite sun care products and check out HERE for more info on La Roche-Posay’s Become a Skin Checker Campaign!

Play safe with the sun my friends!



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