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SHOPPING // x Amazon.ca // Key Things to Have to lead an ORGANIZED LIFE

SHOPPING // x Amazon.ca // Key Things to Have to lead an ORGANIZED LIFE

Alright folks. Here it is. My latest life organizing hacks. 

All available on AMAZON.CA of course :)

I've been looking for ways to implement more efficient practices to free up more time in my day and to lower any chances for frustration or self-doubt. 

I know we can't control everything that happens, but its helpful to limit as many points of uncertainty/chaos in your life and I've found that the 5 items below have certainly helped make my days simpler and MORE ORGANIZED!

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1) Necklace Stand - You've all seen maybe a fraction of my necklace collection, and thus far they have been sitting in little piles in my jewelry holders. Yes, they get tangled almost every morning when I start to choose my pieces for the day ... so in the spirit of getting my life more organized, I have decided to finally invest in a proper necklace holder!! Since all my pieces are gold, I thought I'd keep it in the yellow gold family and opt for this cutie from Umbra!

2) Phone Ring/Stand - Who drops their phone at least once a day? I'm sure I can't be the only one! About half a year ago I switched from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 7 Plus. I knew it would take some time getting used to because of the huge size difference, but little did I know that I would have to get used to momentum of the device moving in my hand! Once I was walking in a parking lot and took my iPhone out of my back pocket to check a message, but because of how much heavier and larger the 7 Plus was as I brought the iPhone to forward, it kept on moving forward past right in front of my face! I basically threw my phone from my back pocket because I had nothing anchoring it to my hand. So now, I've ordered this cute raindrop shaped ring/stand in hopes of that NEVER happening again, because I cannot survive if my phone were to break on me (sad truth).

3) Multi-purpose pouches - I was always searching around in my bag for my hand cream, lip balm, pen etc., but my mom taught me a trick that has made my life so much more efficient. She uses mini "bags" inside her larger bag! You're probably wondering, what's the point in that?? Well, I seperate my skincare/makeup essentials in one pouch, my medication in the other (i.e. my allergy meds, Epipen and some ibuprofen!), and lastly a "miscellaneous" pouch that contains my pen, extra SD card, hair comb, and receipts. I love the cute little canvas pouches above because they are so versatile! I want to do a DIY tutorial on how to customize and personalize them so stay tuned! PS. having these mini pouches means that switching over purses is SO MUCH EASIER!

4) Closet Organizer - I don't know about you, but I live in a wee condo unit. So that means my closet space has decreased 10-fold. I know. I freaked out too, but I love my condo so much!! I was willing to forgo having my closet space for having tons of natural light and a clean, new, white living space. Anyways, so I had to adjust my way of organizing my wardrobe because I no longer had the luxury of space and a dresser. My whole closet is not in a regular sliding door/hanger closet. I bought one of these hanging closet organizers and I was SO HAPPY. It gave me SO much more room! I especially love the option of having sliding drawers so you can take it out and have access to everything in it and not just reaching into the back hoping you grabbed what you were looking for!

5) Fridge/Freezer Organizer - Being a nutritionist, having a clean and organized fridge is key to my success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People are always asking me for tips for how you can plan and maintain your meal plans! Well, this is one of my best practices. By having your fridge clearly organized makes cooking and storing your meals so much easier. When you open your fridge and can clearly see what you need to use, it makes cooking at home and preparing your meals that much simpler. Also, having your fridge organized in these clear bins also helps keep everything clean and sanitary. One of my pet peeves is finding a spill behind a jar or box weeks later because I couldn't see!  

BEAUTY // x La Roche-Posay // SKIN-LOVE

BEAUTY // x La Roche-Posay // SKIN-LOVE

LIFESTYLE // x La Roche-Posay

LIFESTYLE // x La Roche-Posay